Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Avatar!!! (Finally)

I have been meaning to do an avatar for a long long time. But because I haven't painted in so long, I was afraid I'd come up with something that would look like this meme. It doesn't look like much but it was a test to see if I could still do it and I did! It's really simple and it actually ended up looking better without lines, which was awesome. I'm trying to produce art fast but with at least some remnants of who I am and what I want to do in it. I think the one without line is the better one but if you have a different opinion, let me know. I tried to give it that 'unfinished' look.

*Inspiration: Pokemon, Art Nouveau, and Up


  1. For sure the one without line, gives it a softer touch.

  2. I like the lined version better. It seems to fit more with the ... cartoonish(?) art style or something, I dunno. Looks more like a stamp or an avatar for sure though. Line-less looks more like a photo, which it isn't. Dunno if that makes any sense at all, but since you asked ... :p

  3. I like it both ways! Very cute. Wavy wave wave...