Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inspirational Artists - Nick Cross and Marlo Meekins


I copied it on a piece of paper and put it in between the casing of my tablet. I think every artists should post this somewhere. I wish I went to their panel at TCAAF. I listened to their interview on the Guys with Pencils podcast. I was listening to them while I was digital painting, but then I looked at their artwork. Marlo's comics were so gaddamn funny and Nick is super talented, that I had to listen to them again carefully.

(Nick Cross interior painting) 
 From what I can tell, they are an amazing couple. I can also attest to the importance of a very supportive significant other. It helps that my beau is also an animator. We help each other in artwork, emotional support, and motivation. If it were anybody else in any other profession, I feel that they would tell me to get a real job or choose a different profession. Like Nick Cross, Vince never gets mad and is always super chill.

I want to dedicate a portion of my time according to the pie chart. Yes, I wouldn't be able to create more of my own crappy artwork, but I'll get so much better faster. Studying other artists is basically them teaching you everything that they have learned through their art. Isn't that amazing?

I now have a huge girl crush on Marlo.

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